It seems like a long time to wait to write and say thank you but better later than never. Paul and I just wanted to say thank you and how pleased we are with our new loft conversion. It is every bit as spacious as we hoped it would be, and our son Tom is thrilled to bits with his new room (and so he should be, he now has the best room in the house).

It was back in March the scaffolding first went up and Gary and his team arrived to begin work. Now the build has been completed please do pass on our thanks to everyone that has been involved in the project. Not just for the quality of work they did, but the professional and friendly manner in which they conducted themselves while in our home. They were all very polite and friendly and easy to have around, and when building issues did arise they were dealt with quickly and appropriately.

We have had many comments from neighbours during the course of the build not just about the extension itself and how good it looked, but the manner in which the various teams conducted themselves whilst on site. One neighbour was very impressed with the almost military like punctuality of Gary and his team, always arriving early, waiting outside ready to start on time. Another commented on the fact that one day when she couldn’t park outside her house and was struggling with the children and unpacking the shopping one of the young lads (she didn’t know his name) offered to move the van for her so she could park nearer and also offered to help carry her shopping in. They are a credit to themselves and the company.

The downside of having a fantastic new loft conversion of course is that the rest of the house now looks shabby in comparison! Paul and I have a long decorating job ahead of us ensuring the rest of the house lives up to the new bit!

Thanks again

Jane and Paul Evans

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