Semi Detached Flat Roof Loft Conversion

A loft conversion to this 1950’s gable end semi-detached property situated in Hanham Bristol provided a good sized double bedroom and shower room facility.

 The roof coverings were refurbished and the chimney stacks were rebuilt in conjunction with the loft project ensuring the longevity of the exterior finishes. Our client worked within the construction energy profession and as such we provided a tailored service to meet with his specific energy efficiency requirements.

What the customer said...

Peter Phelps – Hanham

I work as a construction and energy efficiency professional and hence was probably a particularly demanding client, and was also sometimes asking for unusual things, but Simon’s approach was always highly professional and patient, despite my endless questions. The quotes were very detailed with all the options clearly laid out, and all backed up with plenty of sensible advice.

The guys on site were very friendly, pleasant and trustworthy people – important when they are effectively living in your house for a few weeks. They showed an excellent attention to detail and a high quality finish to their work. They didn’t come up with any hidden ‘extras’ or nasty surprises that hadn’t been discussed, and were always open and honest about timescales, both a real rarity in the building trade. Overall we were more than happy with the outcome and very glad we used C&A Johnson as we felt we could really trust them, and would happily recommend them to anyone looking to go through the same process. But make sure you buy yourself some bulk supply teabags to prepare!